Deploy AutomoxAgent to macOS via Microsoft Endpoint Manager (intune)

  • 2 September 2021
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I have created a deployment configuration via the Microsoft Intune dashboard. Before I deployed the app I had to convert it to an intunemac using IntuneAppUtil. In my Intune dashboard, it says the app has been installed on the macOS (Big Sur) device. Using the terminal I can indeed see the agent installed in /usr/local/bin/amagent.

But when I checked my Automox devices dashboard I don’t see the device registered. Has anyone done this before successfully what additional steps have you done?


3 replies

Hi @jaldeguer , the access key needs to be present at /var/tmp/amagent-accesskey.txt at time of install, or set with the command sudo /usr/local/bin/amagent --setkey <key> (where key is your company’s key) after the fact, or the agent will only be installed and not registered with your console. That command (with your key), and the launchctl command, are available in the console by going to Devices>Add Devices, then choose OS X and Download Installer.

Since InTune can run shell scripts, putting those commands into a script and running it from InTune on your Macs with the amagent already installed is probably the most straightforward way to finish the enrollment.


Thank you, Bauer! I finally was able to push out my Automox agent to my macOS Big Sur endpoints. I added the following script into Microsoft Endpoint Manager.


/usr/local/bin/amagent --setkey my-unique-key.xxxxx

I am trying to deploy agents to macOS via Intune using a .sh script. This is the script I have deployed via Devices/macOS/Shell scripts

#! curl -sS "*******" | sudo bash


I can see that the agent installed on my test macOS device. But the agent does not show up in the zone in our console.