Compatibility Issues with Automox & Web Filtering Software

  • 24 July 2023
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Hello, Automox users and IT professionals,

I hope you're all doing well. Today, I'd like to discuss a pressing issue I've encountered with Automox while using it alongside web filtering software for managing and securing endpoints. It appears that there are compatibility challenges between Automox and certain web filtering platforms, and I'm eager to hear your insights and experiences on this matter.

As an IT administrator relying on Automox for patch management and endpoint security, this tool is crucial to keeping our systems up-to-date and protected from vulnerabilities. However, since implementing web filtering software within our network, I've experienced the following issues with Automox:

Restricted Access to Automox Dashboard: The web filtering software occasionally restricts access to the Automox dashboard, making it challenging to manage and monitor our endpoints efficiently.

Delays in Automox Updates: Updates to the Automox platform, including patch definitions and security fixes, may experience delays due to the web filtering software. These delays can affect our ability to promptly apply necessary updates and maintain endpoint security.

Interference with Automox Agent Communication: In some cases, the web filtering software interferes with the communication between the Automox agent and the central management console. This interference can lead to synchronization issues and impact our ability to deploy configurations and patches effectively.

False Positives on Automox URLs: The web filtering software may mistakenly flag certain Automox URLs as potentially harmful, causing disruptions when accessing the platform and its resources.

I have made several attempts to troubleshoot these compatibility issues, including adjusting web filtering settings and reaching out to both Automox support and the web filtering software provider. However, the challenges persist, and I haven't come across any official statements or comprehensive solutions from either party.

As cybersecurity remains a top priority for organizations, resolving these compatibility challenges between Automox and web filtering software is crucial. Automox plays a critical role in maintaining endpoint security, and seamless integration with web filtering platforms is essential for a smooth and secure IT management experience.

If any of you have encountered similar problems or have successfully addressed compatibility issues between Automox and web filtering software, I kindly request you to share your experiences and insights in this thread. Additionally, if anyone has communicated with Automox support or the web filtering software providers and received relevant information, your contribution would be highly appreciated.

Let's collaborate as a community to find a solution to these compatibility issues. Our collective efforts can ensure that Automox remains a reliable and effective tool for IT management and endpoint security, even when integrated with web filtering software.

Thank you for your time and support.


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Good morning @judywatson, and welcome to the Automox Community!


I can certainly appreciate and understand both the friction incompatibilities between these solutions creates and the gravitas of reaching a state of successful cohabitation.


I have come into contact with Netfilter previously and the AI-driven filtering can be a bit heavy handed at times. I know you mentioned you’d previously engaged with both Automox and Netfilter support; in those engagements did you work through creating a List to explicitly allow these Automox URLs and these Microsoft URLs?


Hope to hear back soon!


- Anthony M.