Change the UI for Windows updates

  • 10 August 2022
  • 2 replies


Is it possible to change this UX? We are starting to roll out, and our users and reporting that this popup looks fake (like a spammy “Windows update centre” popup). Potentially if we could replace the green shield with our logo, or just remove it completely that would be better.



2 replies

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Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Automox users are unable to upload a custom logo to appear in End-User Notifications to be inline with a customer’s branding. However, we have previously received this Feature Request from customers and hope to have it as an offering in the future.


+1 for this, we’ve recently rolled out Automox and a good percentage of the firm has queried the popup (shows our awareness training is working at least!)


Also, the pop up doesn’t scale very well on a Surface Pro 9 running at a decent resolution...