Automox confusing host names/fqdn

  • 22 November 2023
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I am onboarding my devices having come from another product. I am having issues correctly onboarding my 4 DNS servers (ubuntu) and my webserver (ubuntu) 


I onboarded my webserver first, it registered and initially displayed the correct info in the System Details. I proceeded to onboard DNS01 and I received the Slack message it hit my account. When I went to device details DNS01 is not in the list and my webserver is now displaying the DNS01 fqdm in system details. 

Any ideas to either correct this within the GUI or manually edit the details on the endpoint?

3 replies

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Hi CNYMetalGuy,

We often see this behavior if the machines have been cloned and the agent doesn’t have enough differentiating information to create a separate object for each device. This results in a single entry being used essentially by each device whenever they scan, resulting in the information of a single object changing (hostnames/IP information/hardware details). Some more detail here if that is the case:


To update, I’ve experienced this issue with a few of my linux servers. And still ongoing. I’ve tried the following:


Uninstall/reinstall amagent

Unregister and reregister 

Stop service, delete and reset the UUID, and restart the service


Most of the time these steps fail to resolve the issue. They will not even show up in the devices. I do have several similarly built servers. Same specs but named different. This has only been an issue with my linux boxes (ubuntu and RHEL). Not an issue with any Win servers



We experienced the same issue, the root cause was duplicate machine-id for our linux systems (because we use vm templates) and the fix in the article that Mark links to worked to resolve the issue for us