Automox and Drivers

  • 20 April 2021
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Hey all,

Just wanted to check to see if Automox has the ability to patch drivers on Windows devices?

I.e. how WSUS has this ability?

Would like to retire WSUS completely for end user devices, and would be beneficial to tap into the MS Windows driver update channel.

5 replies

^ +1 to this!

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Hopefully we get a reply 🙂

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Hi OP and commenters, we have seen some success with the following worklet:

which utilizes the vendor tool to do things like drive updates. I am aware of an identical utility from lenovo and HP which could be triggered, but I haven’t tested it but it would be beneficial to have with in the community.


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I do believe if you enable optional updates in a patch policy it is possible to install driver updates that are pushed through windows updates.

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+1 On This!