Automatic Reboot

  • 15 September 2023
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I started my computer up this morning and was prompted with an Automox popup saying that my computer was going to restart in 5 min. I was not given an option to defer. Normally we give two deferal options and allow the person to defer three times max. So Im wondering is, even though my computer was turned off, Automox took the automatic deferal options and now that my computer is on, is forcing me to reboot? Hopefully that makes sense. 


If that is the correct, how do you handle that? We dont want people turning on their computers, and getting prompted to have to reboot 5 min into their work day. 


Thank you, 


2 replies

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Hey Greg! Thanks for reaching out. Since that reboot notification didn’t give you any options to defer, it must have been the last one. More info on those notifications can be found here. But to be sure that’s what happened, would you be able to submit a support ticket here so that our support team can look into it? Thank you! 


Thank you for the response, I will open a ticket with support and see what they have to say. 


Thank you