Agent behavior during check in for missed policies

  • 2 January 2024
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If we have the two policies below

1) Servicing Stack - running at 8:00 am

2) Windows Updates - running at 9:00 am


If the device powers on at 9:30 and the Automox agent checks in and sees the 2 missed policies, which one is processed first?

If the device powers on at 8:59 am and the Automox agent checks in and sees the 1 missed policy as it hits the schedule for the second, which is processed first?


Thanks for your help.

1 reply

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For this use case what will happen is as follows

9:30: Both policies will be seen as needing to run if both have missed policy option is true. They will queue up on the device at the same time. Unfortunately, this can cause some weirdness because of how SSU’s work (Servicing stacks). Likely, both policies would include the same SSU if one is available, causing the second policy (Windows Updates) to attempt to patch something the first policy (Servicing Stack) already patched and cause it to fail. 


8:59: Depending on how fast the SSU policy is received and run on the device the above issue with the 9:30 use case wouldnt happen and the second policy (Windows Updates) would successfully patch the expected OS patches excluding the SSU.


Hope that makes sense.