The Automox Worklet Development Kit is LIVE NOW!

  • 3 November 2023
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Y’all may have seen the teaser published a few weeks ago (don’t forget to check it out). Well, the time has come. We are proud to announce the Worklet Development Kit is now live! Start using today and check out what’s available by visiting our documentation! Customers with a subscription that allows use of Custom Worklet and Required Software policies have access right now!


What is the Worklet Development Kit?

The Worklet Development Kit (WDK) is a ready-to-use toolset that simplifies worklet creation by offering pre-made functions and commands that make building, scaling, and executing worklets easier, faster, and aligned with Automox worklet development best practice.


What do I need to do to get started?

All you need is a supporting plan for Required Software and Custom Worklet policies then you are all set. That’s it.


What is supported today?

Windows (Powershell) is the first to get released, but we will quickly follow up with macOS and Linux (bash) support in the coming weeks!


Now for the fun part, check out just how easy it is to uninstall software (for example Notepad++)


Let’s identify and get details for the installed application first using the WDK Function Get-Win32App



This will yield results that look like the following in the Activity Log



Ready to uninstall, all you need to do is pipe the output to another WDK Function - Remove-Win32App



And that’s it! Run the worklet and you will notice that Notepad++ has been successfully removed from the target device


Learn more!

Visit our Getting Started page and start using the WDK right now!


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