Now Live- Device Page

  • 22 February 2021
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Now Live- Device Page

The anxiously awaited Device Page will be migrated to Vue very soon! The targeted release is in the next couple weeks, pending final testing. The updated page includes:

  • device, policy and connection status with the new icons

  • configurable columns including the ability to add Last Logged in User

  • cleaner interface for bulk actions



Device Filters:

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11 replies

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Can you patch from that page? It would be nice if we could bulk run a policy from there without having to go into each asset for manually patched devices.

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100% Agreed, I’ve requested the same thing.

thanks for your feedback. Not yet - but we do have improvements to bulk updates later this year. It will be more CVE-centric but will some additional control over device selection.

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I would encourage you to push for patch deployment from that page. Its really frustrating, and frankly a waste of time to not be able to. A big “feature” of Automox is its ability to potentially save time and the lack of patch deployments from this page costs a significant amount of time.

thanks for your feedback - we are working on enabling that functionality with some of our infrastructure work. Hopeful that we can have this in the coming months.

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Great! I love it. Happy to see columns seem to be configurable too.

The Device Page went live on Tuesday, March 2nd .

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Finally, I can open devices in new tabs! Love it. Thanks for the update.

Nice work on the update! Would be great to have a optional column for last reboot time (days) like the “disconnected for” column.

thanks for your feedback - glad the update is improving the console experience for you.

thanks for your feedback, I will log your request for future consideration. thanks again!