Just Released: The Automox Software Development Kit for Python

  • 21 September 2021
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Bring radical efficiency to your custom integrations with the all new Automox Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python. Our SDK is built on top of the REST API, so you can accomplish more with fewer lines of code and no library maintenance. Write applications to create device groups in Automox based on your Active Directory Organizational Units or ServiceNow CMDBs.

Or, accomplish a more specific use case and update devices in Automox with a CSV file. Whatever your use case, our SDK will empower your teams to create bespoke solutions to your organization’s unique IT challenges.To access and download the SDK, visit our Github page.

Big thanks to @Peter-AX who wrote most of this while I was taking a nap at lunch. 🤘

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UPDATE Y’ALL!! We’ve just added the Automox SDK to our Developer Portal. Both options will get you to the same place, though - choose your own SDK adventure! Hit us up with any questions/etc. 🤘