Coming Soon - Software Page

  • 7 December 2020
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Coming Soon - Software Page

This week we are planning to release an updates Software page. The updated design of the Software Page has changed to include the ability to configure and sort columns, and allow the user to perform actions on a per software basis. Filters are presented in a more typical web standard format whereby selecting a filter will narrow your results. These updates have not changed the basic functionality of the page, but allows the user to better manipulate the content to view what is most important or relevant. Also, you can now perform actions directly from the software page in addition to the device detail page.

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5 replies

The Software page released today!

Please post any feedback you may have.

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Looks good. Is there anyway to export it to excel?

I have a requirement to inform service owners where they have outstanding Critical Updates to be applied.

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Not at the moment, but you can do it via the API if that would work for you:

Depending on how many critical updates you have, you could sort or filter for that and then just copy and pasted into Excel. Remember to change the text color as it’s white due to us having a dark background.

Enjoying this new update. Also seems pretty quick too.

I’d like to see another filter added. That would be Days Exposed (15,30,60,90,100+). Quick way to drill into what machines are falling behind.

thanks for the suggestion - you can sort of that column now but I understand how a filter may be more useful.