Agent 32 Release

  • 31 August 2021
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We are beginning a phased rollout of Agent 32. This release includes additional security enhancements to the agent.

I also want to note that we continue to work on Apple Silicon support for Agent 33, which is expected to be released soon after Agent 32.

The agent will automatically update to the latest release across your endpoints.

If you have any questions or wish to delay the Automox agent from automatically updating in your organization, please let Automox Support know at

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7 replies

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Will there be more detailed release notes?

Chris, is there a way to force the update of the latest release to our endpoints?

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Maikel, we further restricted the agent folder permissions on Windows devices. This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure our product is as secure as possible.

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At this time, the only way to force the update yourself is to manually update an endpoint.

You can also reach out to Support and ask for early access for your entire organization, and we can push out the update to all devices in your org at once.

Thanks Chris,

I’ve created a case number is 00019810, regarding your recommended asking support to push the Agent 32 release to our entire organizations.








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could these new folder restrictions be causing a failure to run required software policy? I believe exit code 1619 refers to not being able to read the file.

part of log:

2021/09/02 15:38:50 cmd.go:164: Received command ID: 3844056893

2021/09/02 15:38:50 cmd.go:165: Command type: execCmd

2021/09/02 15:38:50 cmd.go:167: Command Name: policy_42869_remediate

2021/09/02 15:38:50 cmd.go:108: Executing command: 3844056893

2021/09/02 15:38:50 cmd.go:109: Execution Started at 2021-09-02 19:38:50.9727282 +0000 UTC

2021/09/02 15:38:56 cmd_windows.go:183: runScript: Error in Wait exit status 1619

status: 1619

stdOut: Omitted


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I don’t believe it’s related, but I would encourage you to contact Support to see if they can help.

Error 1619 usually indicates that a file cannot be found, which could mean an invalid path. For permissions, the agent should still have all the access it needs.