Adopt Community Worklets From Within The Console!

  • 31 March 2021
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Adopt Community Worklets From Within The Console!
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We are excited to announce the release of a new capability empowering the review, customization, and adoption of Community Worklets all from within the Automox Console!

This capability can be found within the System Management page as depicted in the trailing screenshot below. From the Community Worklets tab, click any choice Worklet to review and preview the associated details of Evaluation, Remediation, Author, Notes, and more.

Create Policy will draft the selected Worklet into the existing Worklet creation convention. If unfamiliar, this process is detailed in the Automox Console documentation. Be sure to consider fellow co-workers when testing new Worklets by applying an appropriate naming convention or prefix of intent such as “testing”. This helps in sorting later to prune temporary creations easier.

Read more about this exciting new capability on our blog and leave us your feedback!

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4 replies

@ncolyer I might have missed it, but when should we start seeing the Community Worklets tab appear? I checked my console and I’m not seeing it.

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It should be showing now.

@Nic Just checked again and it’s now showing! Thanks!

Also, this feature rocks!