Workaround To Patch Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 32-bit in Windows

  • 13 April 2021
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Update: Thanks to @Douglas_C post, there is a way to obtain the latest version of Acrobat here:

Use it to do a more desirable single required software policy (the first policy listed below) which will update existing Acrobat installs and install it on systems that don’t have it. If you’re only looking to update systems that currently have it installed and not install on systems that don’t have it, use just my second policy with the .msp files.

Due to a current issue with Adobe restricting how their software is distributed, Automox is currently only able to support patching Acrobat Reader DC up to version 20.013.20064. I’ve setup the following to be able to keep it updated to the latest version.

First, I created a required software policy with the latest version I could get from their FTP site when it was active. This policy would at least install it on systems that didn’t have it or update it to that version if systems had an older version, but that just gets it up to v20.012.20041 from last year.

This policy will install it on a system that doesn’t have it and upgrade any system that is on a lower version.

First, create a base Acrobat Reader DC required software policy, download this file, then upload it to the policy:

Here’s how that required software policy should be configured:

Package Name: Adobe Reader (32-bit)

Package Version: 20.012.20041

Powershell syntax:

exit(Start-Process -FilePath ‘AcroRdrDC2001220041_en_US.exe’ -ArgumentList “/qn EULA_ACCEPT=YES AgreeToLicense=Yes RebootYesNo=No /sAll” -Wait -PassThru)

Then I found a way to get .msp updates from Adobe and to use them in a second required software policy using the latest version available.

Create a second required software policy that runs at least 30 minutes after the first one. This will only do updates to the latest version if it already exists on a system. It will not install it on a system that doesn’t have it installed (the first policy takes care of that).

Download the latest 32-bit Reader .msp version from here and upload to the policy:

This is how the policy should be set based on the latest one available today. As newer ones are released, replace the .msp file in the policy and update the package version and the .msp file referenced in the PowerShell syntax.

Package Name: Adobe Reader (32-bit)

Package Version: 21.001.20145

Powershell syntax:

exit(Start-Process -FilePath ‘AcroRdrDCUpd2100120145.msp’ -ArgumentList “/qn” -Wait -PassThru)

3 replies

I’m presuming it doesn’t have to be that specific version?

I usually download it from the Distribution page, which gives a full installer of the latest version, at the moment I have 21.001.20145 from there. I imagine it’s just a case of plugging it in and changing the file path?

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That’s awesome, I was unaware of that download site. If you pull it from there, you would just create a single required software policy using the latest .exe and use the first policy I posted as the template - changing the package version to 21.001.20145 and referencing AcroRdrDC2100120145_en_US.exe in the PowerShell syntax. You wouldn’t need the second .msp policy in that case. Thanks for sharing!


Automox newbie. Came across whilst trying to patch my fleet of users.

I have create the 1st software policy with the latest 2100720091 and then created the second another software policy.

But it doesn’t seem to be working

also included the Adobe AIP MSI as well