Automox installing new version than updating!

  • 13 February 2022
  • 2 replies

We install our apps through MEM/Intune and trying to update the 3rd party apps through Automox. When we request for update of an app, it shows as a new install of app! does anyone has similar issue. do we have a fix for this? for example I tried to update 7-zip from version 19 to version 21.07. it shows as 2 apps in programs and features.


2 replies

Hi, @sripal kallem - I don’t think I’ve seen this happen after updates. I’ll do some digging, but have you opened a ticket with our Support team yet?

HI Chad,

I haven't opened ticket with Automox, checking if its a known  issue before I raise a ticket. We encountered this for quiet a few apps like zoom as well.  as many of them use similar environment, checking here first. 

Thank you.