Coming Soon: Worklet Functions Developed by Automox!

  • 13 October 2023
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Are you tired of copying the same code across your worklets, often reinventing the wheel and not seeing the consistent results you desire? Automox has a solution for you.  We have been hard at work to provide Automox-developed, transparently-delivered, and reusable functions that can be used directly in your worklets:

Code Reuse: Designed to be reused across worklets, saving valuable time and reducing the chance for errors and inconsistency

Standardized Excellence: Built around industry standards and best practices, ensuring easy integration with worklets and target OS’. You get seamless development.

Accelerated Performance: Our team of experts are developing these functions optimized for speed, reliability and efficiency, supercharging your development process.

Boost Productivity: By streamlining your development, you’ll have more time to focus on what truly matters - Secure, reliable, and predictable outcomes.


Curious to learn more?

Importing or pre-loading these functions will not be necessary, once you open the Worklet policy editor they will be available for use. These functions simplify development of worklets without the need to copy/paste boilerplate code. Administrators can leverage Automox-developed functions directly within your worklet code, reducing the complexity and amount of code it takes to achieve tasks and scale.


Check this out!

Want to send the current logged in user a notification? Doing this today would rely on 100+ lines of code. When using Automox-developed functions to perform this same action, it’s just a few lines of code:


And, the end result:




What should I do to prepare?

The feature will be  rolled out at no cost and ready for active use , but you will want to be aware and prepare accordingly.

  • New feature content will be delivered and managed during device scans
  • Content will be placed in the following directories, so make sure you have the right EPP rules in place to avoid any alerts or disruption
    • Windows - C:\ProgramData\amagent\
    • macOS - /Library/Application Support/Automox/
    • Linux - /var/lib/amagent/


Don’t miss out! Autmox will begin to roll out functions on 10/26. Look out for more documentation and communications from us around then on what to expect next and how to get started.


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