Automox Community Guidelines and Rules

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Welcome! We're so glad you stopped by our community! Before you start participating in discussions and sharing Worklets, please read our community rules and guidelines.

You'll learn how we all contribute to making this a safe and productive environment, what we expect of every member, and how you can ask for help.  

Our community website is governed by the Community Terms of Use, which you accept by accessing the website.

Your First Steps 

We want to make sure you have the best experience possible, so please take the following simple steps to kick things off: 

  1. Fill in your profile (top right). 
  2. Read the rest of this post and learn about our values, rules, and best practices. 
  3. Introduce yourself here and meet some of our other community members and employees.
  4. Explore, discuss, and learn! We’re looking forward to meeting you in the Introduce Yourself category!  

Community Mission 

The Automox Community is here to help you find and use time-saving resources (like Worklets), best practices, and insightful peer connections that empower IT admins to improve their patching and endpoint management. 

Who our Community is For 

  • IT admins who want to improve their organization’s patching and endpoint management
  • Automox customers who want to make the most of the Automox platform 
  • ITOps professionals who want to learn more about Automox 
  • Automox employees who want to interact with community members and customers

Community Values to Follow 

Our values are simple and should guide your participation here in the Automox community: 

  • Be inclusive to all, regardless of race, religion, sex, gender, etc.
  • Work together to build a better community and better resources. 
  • Make sure you contribute to the conversation when engaging. 

Ways to Participate

  • Share your challenges and ask for help 
  • Answer questions and support others 
  • Share helpful information, resources, and tips 
  • Build connections with one another 
  • Follow community rules and guidelines 

Our Response When Rules Are Violated 

If a member engages in behavior that violates our rules, they may be given a warning or they may be banned from the community, depending on the severity of the behavior. If a member is asked to stop any offending behavior, they are expected to comply immediately. 

Our admins and mod team monitor the community, but if you see something before we do please let us know. 

Who to Reach Out to

We’re committed to creating a safe and productive environment for you, so any questions, feedback, and recommendations are welcome. 

You can send an email to or reach out directly to Sophia Paul (Social Media & Community Manager)


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