Create a RBAC in which you can define a user access to only specific groups

  • 8 August 2023
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The overall structure of zones vs. groups is creating a lot of redundant issues. As a service provider, we have many clients, which means a lot of consistent policies and users being made. Having clients in zones, we can assign their users the ability to view their console. But then we have to duplicate the same policies, worklets, and users from one zone to another. This is really redundant and the overall structure of zones vs. groups just makes API calls for all clients a nightmare.


I see that you can customize the Automox agent installer to specify a group. Managing by the zone (top-level) and groups (clients) makes everything easier to manage. Only thing missing is limiting a user to view only specified group(s). Is there a possibility of this being added in the future?


It is just very odd that there is limited to no features when administrating on a global level.

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