What sites/tools do you use for Patch Tuesday release news?

  • 27 August 2019
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What sites and tools do you find are the most responsive, fast-acting, and organized to gather the latest news on Patch Tuesdays? I generally use Krebs on Security and Tenable, amongst a few others, but wanted to see what other tools you all are keen on. Thanks in advance, everyone!

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4 replies

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These guys have a newsletter you can subscribe to:



I don’t really have a consistent set of sites that I hit up but I’m ALWAYS on Spiceworks, the Discord, this community, and I usually have some other tabs open with stuff like Bleeping Computer, Krebs, edugeek, etc…

Like dim, I kinda just jump around. Jimmy T. on Spiceworks and the Discord help a lot, Krebs on Security for sure, and FS-ISAC emails I get. 😉

Thanks for the feedback @dimforest @DiegoF1000101 @Nic! I’ll definitely check out those resources. I do get the cyberwire newsletter, it’s probably my favorite general IT information resource atm.