Weekly Security Wrap-Up (April 5th, 2022)

  • 5 April 2022
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Happy Tuesday, everybody! While we all recover from another Monday that seemed to have too many hours somehow, let’s talk about a couple of security stories:

State Department Announces Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy -- Well, how do you do? This seems pretty important! From the article: “The new cybersecurity bureau reflects the growing importance of cybersecurity in national policy, economy, and defense. The CDP bureau includes three policy units: International Cyberspace Security, International Information and Communications Policy, and Digital Freedom, says the State Department.” I think this is a great step, since our previous “administration” did away with some high-ranking positions in cybersecurity.

Germany takes down Hydra, world's largest darknet market -- I have to be honest here: on first glance, I figured this was something to do with “the Marvel universe”. In spite of that, I kept reading, as it was super interesting. From the article: “The servers of Hydra Market, the most prominent Russian darknet platform for selling drugs and money laundering, have been seized by the German police. The police were also able to seize 543 bitcoins from the profits of Hydra, which are currently worth a little over $25 million.” I didn’t know “Hydra” existed before this, but I would 100% watch that movie.

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