Have you or someone you know been affected by a cyberattack?

  • 14 October 2021
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You may be entitled to comp- Wait, wrong intro…

Hello! We are looking for some individuals that have been affected by, or know someone who has been affected by, a cyberattack. As cyberattacks grow in number, the effects on people can range from a mild inconvenience to an absolute nightmare, and we want to learn more.

If you would be willing to chat with our team about your first-hand experience going through a cyberattack, feel free to reach out through this thread or via PM to discuss the opportunity further. And if you have any friends that might be interested in sharing their thoughts, please share this post. Thanks in advance for your help!

2 replies


I work in security and have personally acted as Incident Response Manager several times, with both big and medium/small clients, I’ve done the IR myself, digital forensics, etc.

More than happy to chat & help if I can 🙂

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Thanks! I’ll reach out via PM 🙂