Cybersecurity Awareness Month - has your organization been prepared?

  • 21 October 2021
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We’re a little late on the game here in the Automox Community, but October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month - a great month to check-in on your organization’s cybersecurity practices and make users more aware of the importance of staying safe. Through this month, you have seen plenty of educational pieces of content or advice about getting into the cybersecurity industry, but I wanted to take a moment to hear from y’all. Do you feel like your organization is well-prepared for any cyberattacks? Is cybersecurity a priority?

(PS: if you are interested in reading some advice from cybersecurity experts here at Automox, you can read the blog post here!)

1 reply

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I think we can conclude that nobody wants to reveal their security setup in a public forum.

Security is a matter of balancing risks. Which is safer - allowing a 3rd party agent that can execute Powershell commands on your devices or setting up all your devices to auto update from Windows Update and hoping that the update process keeps working?