61 Vulnerabilities, and a Chrome Zero Day | May 2024 Patch Tuesday

  • 14 May 2024
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This month's Patch Tuesday brings 61 vulnerabilities with 1 critical! (89 less CVE’s than last month!)

Two particularly alarming CVEs to watch out for:

  • CVE 2024-30033

    • Windows Search Service Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability [Important]

    • Allows attackers to gain elevated privileges due to a flaw in Windows Search Service. This flaw exists due to improper handling of permissions by the service, which could be exploited to perform unauthorized actions on the system.

  • CVE 2024-30018

    • Windows Kernel Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability [Important]

    • This issue arises from specific flaws in how the kernel operates, which can be exploited to gain higher levels of access than originally allowed

And make sure you've patched the Chrome use-after-free Zero-Day (CVE 2024-4671) that was released on Friday!

Listen to the Automox Patch Tuesday podcast or read the blog for more on Patch Tuesday.

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