Worklet to End task

  • 16 August 2023
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Has anyone created a worklet to end a task or close an application? In the Automox University specifically the Third Party Patch Policy training, they talk about applications that need to be close in order to update. Has anyone been successful in creating a worklet that accomplishes this?

2 replies

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Hi @Darth Vanness,

We do have a Worklet in our Catalog that you can use for this!


The Kill Open Process Worklet will allow you to check for and end a process that you specify.


You’ll want to ensure that you complete the $ProcessName variable in the Remediation code with the exact name of the process you wish to stop.


You could schedule this Worklet a few minutes prior to your Patch Policy run to close those pesky applications that won’t patch while running.


We also have a MacOS variant of the Worklet you can check out:Kill Open Process (MacOS)


Have a great day!

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While we dont have a Windows example quite yet, there are some update Worklets for some MacOS apps that prompt user/kill process/update all in one.