Microsoft Patch Supercedence - How To?


Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has found a way to manage supersedence of Microsoft patches in a scalable manner?

To illustrate:
Let’s say you have a monthly patch policy on 2nd Thursday of the month. Most of the time it would be after Patch Tuesday, however for whatever reason you are do no install current month’s cumulative and want the previous month and you do this on rolling basis.

EI in June you you install the May cumulative and in July you install June’s.

Does anyone practice this with Automox? Because if you have you patch policy after Patch tuesday it will only pick up the latest cumulative.


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One suggestion to resolving this issue would be to utilize a ‘Patch Age’ requirement in an Advanced Patch Policy per the following KB document:

In this case, specifying a required patch age of 30 days, for example, would ensure that you would only apply patches up to the previous month.

Hope this helps!


Hi Elmer, your suggestion would not actually work.

Specifically for monthly cumulatives the record in automox software page for the device gets over written by the newly released patch and it’d be filtered out by the policy.

For example if you have a monthly policy running on 3rd Sunday - most months it would be a week and a half after patch Tuesday. On patch Tuesday the new Cumulative would get released, and the record for the previous cumulative would be over written and the timer on the package would be set to zero, so if you have a policy looking for 30 days or older it would never pick up the Cumulative.

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Hi Dan,

Understood, thank you. In that case, this might not be possible. You might have to deploy manually via KB number for that specific patch. We do not have any internal logic to handle this natively.