How to Make a Manual-Only Worklet Always Appear Compliant

  • 15 September 2020
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Currently, if you have a worklet that you only run manually (never scheduled), you typically would set “Exit 1” for the evaluation so that when it’s executed, it will always run the remediation. The problem is that if you have manual-only worklets assigned to groups, none of the computers in those groups will EVER appear fully compliant since the manual worklet will always appear to be non-compliant, and thus each computer in those groups will NEVER appear as fully compliant. With this trick, you can make manual-only worklets always appear compliant. To do this, just put the following code as your worklet evaluation:

Exit 0

The reason you can do this is that if you manually execute a worklet, it executes the remediation no matter what, but the “Exit 0” at least makes it appear as compliant. Remember, if you set a schedule to this worklet, it will never run because it will always get an “Exit 0” response (exit without running remediation). Use this ONLY with manual-run, non-scheduled worklets.

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