Disabling Driver Updates for Windows 10

  • 16 November 2022
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Wondering how others are handling driver updates that are being published by Microsoft but not pushed through Automox.

We are not using an on-prem WSUS server, we are going direct to MS for updates, but Automox is managing the process.

We recently discovered that we are getting Driver updates directly from MS still, and it is causing some issues in our userbase.


1 reply

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To prevent driver updates from being applied by the Automox agent, you would need to use either a 'Patch Except' policy or an ‘Advanced’ patch policy that excludes (by name) those drivers.

Also, to ensure that the Automox agent is the only tool that is managing patching on a device, please verify that ‘Disable OS Automatic Updates’ is selected for the device groups in scope.

Hope this helps!