Can we run powershell script in Current User context

  • 30 June 2022
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Hello Folks,

We are looking to deploy ACS Client Solutions (Java based which resides in the Current User folder) to all machines across our Organization.  I’ve tested the script to work properly via Powershell directly on a test machine:

Start-Process -FilePath “\\Server\Path\ACS.exe” -Arguments “/Q” “/File=\\server\path\” -wait

But when trying to run this script (with our server names) via Automox, it starts the worklet, downloads the scipt to C:\ProgramData\AMAgent folder within Exec…. But hangs and does not execute the command.  What we are guessing is, since Automox runs commands/scripts in elevated system admin powershell, it probably is erroring when trying to run our script.

So we are asking if there is a method to run PS scripts via Automox in Current User/logged in user context?

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