Automox Security Token

  • 15 September 2022
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Hey there guys, 

I have an issue with the Automox agent.

We have a few specific M1 endpoints that are not compatible with Automox because they require granting Automox a security token. 

All of them used the user prompt method (which works for most of the company) but the issue still exists.

I also tried the command line method but again, it’s not working.

I already sent a mail to the support team and I’m waiting for a reply, but I thought it’ll be a good idea to get help from multiple resources ;) 

Does someone have any suggestion how to handle this issue & grant Automox a security token in this scenario? 

Thanks in advance :D 

1 reply

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There is a worklet in the worklet catalog called “M1 Secure Token Check” that can be combined with steps outlined here

Both of those fixed us up.