Worklet: Install 1Password for MacOS

  • 21 March 2021
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Hi all, if you use 1Password, here’s a Worklet to check if it’s installed, if not, it will proceed install it



#Checks whether is installed in the /Applications directory, if not, Exit 1 code and goes to next step

if [[ -d "/Applications/1Password" ]]; then
echo "1Password 7 is installed."
exit 0
echo "1Password 7 is not installed."
exit 1



echo -e "Downloading 1Password 7..."

#Downloads 1Password 7 pkg to /tmp/

curl -L -o "/tmp/1pwpkg.pkg"

echo -e "Installing 1Password 7..."

#Runs the installer

sudo installer -pkg /tmp/1pwpkg.pkg -target /

echo -e "Cleaning up..."
rm -f "/tmp/1pwpkg.pkg"

1 reply

Thanks for posting this.  As I am stepping into Mac app deployment, I would like to test with 1password 8 just released in May from their website and I am not having success and is not available at the web address used or the apple store. I tried uploading the .app but is not recognized.  Have any thoughts?