Software application DBeaver not installing

  • 26 April 2023
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I am trying to download and install DBeaver. Its downloading to the correct place but it will not install.  Below is the code that i am trying to use.


Start-BitsTransfer -Source "" -Destination "C:\temp\dbeaver-ee-latest-x86_64-setup.exe"
Start-Process "c:\temp\dbeaver-ee-latest-x86_64-setup.exe" -ArgumentList '/S','/v','/qn' -passthru


Any help would be appreciated




Best answer by JohnG-Automox 27 April 2023, 13:59

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Hi @jscafidi !

According to DBeaver, the application will only accept the following install parameters:

Parameter Description
/S silent mode, requires /allusers or /currentuser, case-sensitive
/D=path (installer only) set install directory, must be last parameter, without quotes, case-sensitive
/allusers (un)install for all users, case-insensitive
/currentuser (un)install for current user only, case-insensitive
/uninstall (installer only) run uninstaller, requires /allusers or /currentuser, case-insensitiv



With that being said, I it looks like your issue is the inclusion of /v and /qn, as well as the lack of the /allusers switch.  After removing /v, /qn, and adding /allusers, I was able to successfully install DBeaver.


Here’s a revised Remediation Code that will stage a new directory named DBeaver, use your method for downloading and installing the application, and then remove the setup media after the installation completes.  It will also log a success or failure status to your Automox Activity Log for auditing purposes:


#Creating setup directory
New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path 'C:\temp\DBeaver\' -Force

#Downloading latest DBeaver installer
Start-BitsTransfer -Source "" -Destination "C:\temp\DBeaver\setup.exe"

#Starting installation
Start-Process -FilePath "C:\temp\DBeaver\setup.exe" -ArgumentList ('/S', '/allusers') -Wait -PassThru
Write-Output "Successfully installed DBeaver."

#Remove setup files
Remove-Item -Path "C:\temp\DBeaver\" -Force -Recurse

Write-Output "Failed to install DBeaver."


Let me know if you have any more questions.


Have a great day!


That worked Thanks @JohnG-Automox