Patch Everything "Office" not fully updating Office

  • 18 November 2022
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I have built a patch only policy to patch everything Office. I am targeting a specific machine with Office 2013 installed.

The policy runs successfully but for some reason, Office does not get updated to the latest version which is currently 15.0.5501.1000. When I check Word and Excel they are both saying versions 15.0.5449.100 and 15.0.5485.100 respectively. My understanding is that Automox should be updating these to the latest version which was released earlier this month.

Does anyone know why Word and Excel would not be updating to 15.0.5501.1000? (There is no information in the logs) 

The KB article on the Microsoft website is KB5002082 and if I add this to the filter and “preview packages that will be installed” nothing is returned, so I guess that answers that question but then why is Automox not providing the most recent updates for MS Office 2013 which is still in support?

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