Lockout User on MacBook

  • 21 June 2022
  • 1 reply


I have a situation to where a terminated user has not returned their MacBook and our HR department is having a hard time with this guy.  It seems like he has set up a new account on the Mac aside from the domain login and is using the computer for personal/consulting services.  My question is...Is there a way to completely lock out all user accounts on a MacBook via automox or completely make the MacBook unusable?



1 reply

Hey Epp79,


You might be able to string together these 2 commands to assist with this:


pwpolicy -u "username" disableuser
sudo reboot


This will disable any account you choose then reboot the device. Be warned that this will lock out the device if you do not have a backup admin account on it.


The only other way is to initiate an EFI Lock, but sadly that requires an MDM to initiate this.


Hope this helps!