Worklet Schedule Issue

  • 11 October 2021
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Hi Everyone,

I have created a worklet using the Community Worklet, "Targeted Reboot within Timeframe’.

Issue is, i am unable to make this run using the Schedule. I have set the Schedule time 2am everyday and ticked ‘If a device misses configured patch time, it will patch next time the device checks in’ along with setting targeted time within the script of 2am Start time and 5.45am End Time.

With checking the Activity Log for this Worklet, nothing appears.

If i Run the Policy Manually, it works great and as expected, the server is evaluated, Rebooted if Pending and adds a record into the Activity Log.

Can worklets run using the Schedule or is something else required?

Appreciate any assistance.


3 replies

Hi Lindsaydallas,

Once a Worklet policy is assigned to a group (and inherently an endpoint), it doesn’t automatically evaluate the endpoint. A scan must be run to trigger the Evaluation code. When you manually run a policy, it will actually skip the eval code and just run the Remediation code. This means we have two options:

  1. After the Worklet is created, immediately run a manual scan on the endpoint.

  2. Wait for the scheduled scan to kick off (based on group scan settings. IE (Last scan = 6 hours ago, and the group settings are set to scan every 12 hours, means the endpoint will be evaluated 6 hours from now.)

When testing, typically the manual scan is the better option of the two and this won’t leave a log in the Activity Log, it will manifest the compliance based on the green checkmark or clock icon in the ‘Associated Policies’ section. Based on that compliance(or non-compliance), we then would wait for the policy execution time which would then actually schedule the Targeted Reboot.

Let me know if that helps or if you need any followup!


Hi @Mark-AX ,

Thanks for your help!!

This makes more sense now and helps me understand the process.

I was mislead by the Schedule section which appears on the Worklet policy, i interpreted this as when the worklet would run and the console would send out the command to the group members.

Thanks again!

i interpreted this as when the worklet would run and the console would send out the command to the group members.

This is accurate after a scan has been done on the endpoint(s) and has determined that the endpoint is non-compliant. Otherwise if the endpoint(s) is compliant, even though the Worklet is scheduled it will not run since it doesn’t have anything to correct.