[WEBINAR] Freshworks + Automox Tomorrow

  • 28 September 2021
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Join our joint webinar with Freshworks on September 29th at 12pm ET. Automox’s Peter Ritter and Freshworks’ Deepthi Nagarajan will discuss how the Freshworks and Automox integration partnership expands ITSM capabilities with automated endpoint management. Register here.

Hear expert insights on:

  • The impact hybrid work environments have on IT & security compliance.
  • Why automation is key in managing service desk demands.
  • A demo of the Freshworks and Automox integration.
  • Hear how Nuventra Pharma Sciences has seamlessly utilized these two solutions together and the positive impact they’ve seen.

Register now!


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3 replies

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We watched the presentation but there was not a Q&A. We would like to know if there is a way to limit what policies are visible to Freshservice. We have some policies that we would not want to be ran from fresh service. We can do this through training, but it would be nice to put some guardrails in place to keep accidents from happening. We have created a lot of policies, and I can only think of a handful that we would want to be available in Freshservice for the techs.

David, we really appreciate the detailed feedback and understand your request for additional security controls or guardrails. Today, this is built on API calls with no limits on the Automox policies. Both companies agree on the need for guardrails and that is on the roadmap for the next version.

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Thank you, @Peter_Ritter. I hope Peter’s response was helpful to you, @David_Mitchell.