Patch Tuesday Rundown - January 2021

  • 12 January 2021
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Happy January! This month, I thought we’d try something new and run down some of the highlights from this month’s Patch Tuesday, straight from the Automox experts. With 83 new Microsoft vulnerabilities addressed, 10 of which are critical updates, and one that’s already been exploited in the wild, we’re already having a volatile start to the new year. This patch release represents an increase over last month’s batch and features this year’s first zero-day exploit - a critical remote code execution vulnerability within Microsoft Defender.

Not to mention, Adobe’s newest patch addresses 6 security updates and 1 hotfix addressing multiple remote code execution vulnerabilities, privilege escalations, and sensitive information disclosures across their products. Plus, Adobe has officially designated Adobe Flash Player as end of life, recommending everyone remove Adobe Flash on all endpoints.

You can find a full list of the patches and updates from Firefox, Adobe, and Microsoft in our Patch Tuesday Index and get more info about the most critical vulnerabilities from Automox experts in our new blog post. And don’t forget to sign up for tomorrow’s Patch Tuesday webinar at 12pm ET!

5 replies

Anyone else having trouble receiving Webinar Confirmation emails/links after ‘Saving my seat’?

Hey @RomanBones I think it’s because we had just started the webinar. I manually registered you, you should have an email in your inbox associated with your community account now. We’ll also send you a recording to access afterward. Sorry about the complication.

Thanks Taylor but I generally register for Automox webinar’s shortly after the notices including this one and since about mid-December, haven’t received any confirmation emails (patch / worklet).

All filters have been checked and don’t seem to be receiving emails. Maybe just me. I’ll keep checking.


Looks your email had been blocklisted, which could happen for a number of reasons. I’ve gone ahead and removed that field for your email. Going forward you will receive these confirmations. I apologize for that mistake. And you’ll certainly get a follow up for the Patch Tuesday webinar today. Cheers.

Thanks very much Taylor. Much appreciated. Hopefully I won’t trigger it again 😊