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An Automox Product Review by SANS

  • 31 August 2022
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An Automox Product Review by SANS
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Webinar & Review Paper

Effortless IT Operations for the Modern Organization


In this video, SANS Analyst David Shackleford dissects the Automox platform to find out if it delivers improved IT and SecOps capabilities over time. 


He’s joined by Automox’s Jessica Onorati and David Van Heerden to demonstrate how automating certain actions can make a huge difference in your workflows, save your team time, and strengthen your security posture. 


Listen to learn how Automox:

  • Automates cross-OS patching, configuration, and compliance with one single platform

  • Drives greater strategic value and better security outcomes 

  • Consumes and automates any scriptable action best known as Automox Worklets™ to reduce manual tasks


Watch here.

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