Worklet 'upload file' limitation

Hi all,
I am trying to upload an iso to the worklet, around 5gb, however, it fails with an ‘Error: An unexpected error occurred, please contact support if this problem persists.’

It finishes the 100% upload, flashes the status bar for a minute, then spits the error.

Is there a file size limit for upload? I have tried multiple files (same size), computers, internet connections.

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There should not be a limit on the upload size. Initially I thought it was because maybe your console was timing out before the upload completed, but in my testing, I was making sure it didn’t time out and I couldn’t get anything larger than 3GB to upload. We have engineering looking into this issue and we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks Tony, please let me know how you go.

I am also working with support who also suggested it might be timing out and to click around on another tab every few mins.
I’m on leave until Monday so anything you can find I’ll try then. Cheers

Hi Tony, any update on this?
I have tried the ‘using automox in another tab to not timeout’ but still doesn’t work.

Is there another location we can upload the file for it to appear in the Worklet?
It is a shame since we’ve just come on board and this was one of the items we needed to get working…

One suggestion if you can’t upload the file is to break it up into smaller files then reassemble it with Powershell? You do need to take care of disk space requirements of course.