Worklet Tournament Showdown - Round 1!

ICYMI, we are running a fun little Worklet tournament right here in the Automox Alive community. We’ve narrowed it down to 8 Worklets and we’re starting Round 1 today! All you have to do is vote in the poll below on your favorite Worklet. And remember, the winner of the tournament gets a super awesome prize (TBD).

For this first matchup, we have @jermicide vs. @Maikel

You can find both Worklets here:

Lastly, thanks for all of the great Worklets that made this tournament possible!

Worklet Tournament - Round 1
  • jermicide
  • Maikel

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Wow totally missed this one, thanks for the honor!


Absolutely! Thanks for submitting so many great Worklets to choose from :slight_smile:

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