Worklet: Execute Defender Quick or Full scan

This will allow you to run a Windows Defender scan on any or all of your machines at anytime. Only run this manually

• Under Evaluation Code:

If (Test-Path "$env:allusersprofile\SoftwareDistribution")
Exit 0

Else {
Exit 1

• Under Remediation Code:


    The Start-MpScan cmdlet starts a scan on a computer. The cmdlet performs scans for the path you specify.

    Starts a scan on a computer.
-ScanType [<ScanType>]
        Specifies the type of scan. The acceptable values for this parameter are:
        -- FullScan
        -- QuickScan
 Uncomment only one variable for scan to run either a fullscan or quickscan
 This will not work if you have Windows Defender disabled
$Scan = 'QuickScan'
#$Scan = 'FullScan'

Start-MpScan -Scantype $Scan
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