Worklet: Distribute custom Word template (Normal.dotm) to all users?

Hi, all,

In our environment, we use a customized MS Word Template that is updated every few months.

Is it possible to use a worklet/required software to either:

  1. Create the %appdata%\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\ directory and copy the Normal.dotm in there?
  2. If it exists, compare file hashes and, if different, copy the newer version into that appdata directory?

I can certainly do this programmatically on my PC, but it requires SMB access that the agent won’t have, as it runs as system.

Can I upload the Normal.dotm as the “Installer Files” then access it somehow via the c:\ProgramData\amagent folder?

Or, am I going about this all wrong?

I am very new to Automox and am, honestly, still in my trial!

Hope this make sense!

That is a good question! First off, you can achieve what you outlined here with enough PowerShell finesse.
Before we go down that route, I was curious if your devices are joined to a domain, and if so, if this would be easier to do with a GPO/GPP.
As you mentioned, the agent will be running as system so there will be some script work to identify local profiles that you want to target. This is already done for you in GPO… It is worthwhile to consider the best tool for the job prior to jumping into a script :slight_smile:

You can upload your templates and then use the Worklet remedation script block to copy them to a predetermined directory on your computer. As an example, you could copy your template files to somewhere like C:\Users\Public\Documents[YOUR_OFFICE_TEMPLATES_DIRECTORY], or C:\Windows\Temp. Since the amagent directory content is ephemeral, it makes a poor storage location.

One other additional option is a workaround we use in some worklets to identify the currently logged in user and run the script as them using a scheduled task. Here’s an example of that: