Why so quiet?

Those of you who are community regulars may have noticed things were a bit quiet this week. That’s because all of Automox was at a week-long company retreat, doing planning and brainstorming for 2020. We didn’t want to let baddies know that the office was empty, which is why we didn’t announce it in advance. More photos and info to come, once I’ve unpacked and rested up. For now here’s a few photos:


Were there bunk-beds?

No, but we did have roommates. The rooms were all supposed to have two beds in them, but a handful of us had rooms with just one king sized bed in them. We had the option of sharing a bed or one of us sleeping on a cot. @Richard took a bullet for me and took the cot, for which I owe him big time.

Probably the best thing from the trip is that this resort had a method of delivering food with zero human interaction. You order room service via a tablet, turn on the do not disturb light, and then they open a panel in the wall and put the food into a holding box. Then you can open your closet and get access to a panel on your side to get the food out. This is the greatest thing since self-checkout at the supermarket, for us introverts.

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I wish ticketing systems worked like that and didn’t involve the user submitting the ticket, calling to see if you got it, and then stopping into your office to ask about it.

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