Why is the Policy Showing Old Versions as Pending?

So I am still fairly new to using AutoMox, but can someone explain to me why it is showing all the old versions of Microsoft office as a pending update. Before the dashboard was redesigned I would just see the latest one, but now it is doing this for chrome and other apps as well. What happens if I just approve all of these? I know it is not for separate computers as I only have 2 setup right now. Do I have to hunt through and find the latest version of each program and then reject all the other versions, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Efabio,
If you approve them all, it will only apply the latest one based on the software scans on the devices. So you can approve them all without having to worry about the previous one being applied and rolled back as only the latest one available for the device will be applied. Sorry about about the confusion with this