Who is holding Gamestop stock?

I know a few people who’ve made a lot of money so far - anyone here got in on the game?

I haven’t, but wish I had gotten in on the action at some point! But honestly, probably best I haven’t jumped into the stock market at all :slight_smile:

I might have got some just for the lols but the $GME stocks have now been frozen on the trading apps I would normally use, so I can’t even buy them if I wanted to. Sounds kinda fishy right? :slight_smile:

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Supposedly RobinHood is opening buying back up, but you can only have/buy up to 5 shares. Also the SEC is breathing down their necks now:

It’s gonna be a crazy day, with the stock already back up over $300

I’m in and holding to the moon
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I havent had the capital to throw at the stocks myself but my brother managed to buy 1 share at least (Aussies backing yall!)

Elon’s interview on Clubhouse yesterday was pretty neat. They managed to get Vlad from Robinhood on and Elon hit him with some tough questions that I feel were dodged. Here’s a link those interested in listening. :slight_smile:

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It’s such a fascinating saga. Apparently the clearinghouse for RobinHood asked them for an additional $3B to cover their trades: