Which superpower would you pick?

If you had to pick between these two, which would you choose? Whichever one you choose can be turned on or off at will. Feel free to explain why you chose what you did in the comments.

  • Flight
  • Invisibility

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Invisibility is pretty tempting, and I can see a lot of arguments leaning towards that being a great choice, but I think I’d go with flight right now. I think that the benefits to ease of transportation make it a pretty huge bonus.

I’ve also always thought that teleportation would be awesome, and flight is closer to that than invisibility is.

Have to agree. I’m also assuming I can fly pretty fast, I want to avoid traffic and cut down commute times.

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Invisibility just has so many damn benefits, especially from a tactical standpoint while I’m still in the military. Flying is just meh… you’re still out in the elements and if you plan on flying pretty high up to avoid the riff raff below, you’re going to find out quickly that it’s a lot colder up there than it is down here. Also, imagine hitting a bird.

The biggest benefit of flying wouldn’t necessarily be travel for me, it’d be the fact that I’d never have to worry about heights or elevation again. No more need to wear safety harnesses or any of that jazz that gets in the way. Just go for it and if you slip, fly back up. It’d also make Airborne jumps 1000x easier. Maybe not as fun but definitely easier.

Overall, invisibility is just waaaaay better.

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I’m with you @dimforest. There’s tech solutions to flying, but invisibility cloaks have a long way to go: