What's your jam this morning?

Caravan Palace - Black Betty

Great rendition of a 18th century classic.


This is on my playlist today:

I’m feeling Gambino today (and most days): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1B9Fk_SgI0


pretty big fan of Chill Nation, and got hooked on Post when I moved to TX-

I’m playing this to annoy the guy who has an office next to mine. I’m also playing it because it’s humanity’s lyrical peak.

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Dead South - Down That Road or In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company

Linux Guy?

Heard this on a tv show and it’s been stuck in my head ever since:


This is solid, Nic

And it’s binge time. Very solid and reminds me a lot of:

EDIT: Skip to 1:24 to avoid the meh intro.

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I’ve loved this song ever since I heard it in the Borderlands 2 intro.


@Nic I’ve been going through Jesse and the Wolf’s discography now as a result of your post - thanks!

Do they have other good songs? I find a lot of the time when I hear a good song in a tv show then I’m disappointed when I try out their other music.

They have a lot of songs that are pretty “meh” but a few of them have come on and been absolute bangers. I have a list going, I’ll post it in a bit here so you can check 'em out.

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I’m not generally a huge country fan, but there is something captivating about Colter’s voice and storytelling.

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Check this out…


Not bad. I think I’m feeling a bit wonky this morning: