What's your favorite outdoor activity?

I’ve never been in love with outdoor activities or sports, but after being cooped up for so long throughout 2020, I’ve actually learned to love anything that can get me safely out of the house! I started off with rollerskating back in June but have recently picked up disc golf. Plus, rather than going for a run or heading to my apartment gym, I’ve been loving disc golf and skating as a source of exercise.

What do kinds of outdoor activities do you like to do? Any fun outdoor plans for this weekend?

Awesome to hear you are embracing the outdoors.

It’s hiking in places where people usually do not venture for me. I have always been a jungle lover, and did many hikes and explorations in the younger days but with family and work i was dormant for several years. The pandemic 3 months long 24 hour lockdowns forced me to resume hiking with new found friends. It helped me mentally cope and now, our growing group have been going every week since July 2020.

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My favorite outdoor activity…photography.


I’ve always been a fan of the beach, so volleyball, surfing, swimming, wind-surfing, skeet surfing, etc.

Why do I live by the mountains you ask? That’s a very good question.