What's the worst thing you've ever deleted by accident?

I was reading this topic:

and reminiscing about a coworker who accidentally recycled a VIP’s hard drive that didn’t have a backup (he didn’t get fired, fortunately).

What’s the worst thing you’ve accidentally deleted? Did you have a backup or was it a complete loss?

My previous phone was having power issues and hard crashing when you’d plug it in, and it one time forced me to factory reset and I hadn’t backed up any of the data that was on it. All the pictures I’d taken in two years, any files I downloaded, app data… gone. Couldn’t tell you what all I lost, nothing too important, but that sucked.

I’ve also had the opposite… we were migrating our file server and did a preliminary move, then when it was time to prep to go live, I just… copied all the data over from the old one to the new one to speed things up.
Unbeknownst to me, there was “version control” managed by just moving files to a different folder. Well, guess where all the files were when I combined with the month-old stale data?

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Ouch - that reminds me, I haven’t backed up my phone in a while!

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Wedding photos, the photographer had a policy that after distributing the photos via USB, she would only store the photos for 10 days. Wife washed my pants with the USB drive in the pocket…Thankfully it was on day 8, and she was able to send a new drive.

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Not me, but I had to help determine the cause and block it: A coworker deleted the highest level of the west coast tree for our laptop encryption software. In a single mis-click over 4,000 laptops began decrypting and had all their login IDs deleted.

Fixing it, and getting the laptops re-encrypting wasn’t hard… but having to have 4,000 users call in support for their first-time encryption login and set new passwords was insane.

You better believe that when the phone asked me if I wanted to automatically back up my files when I was re-setting it up, I said yes.

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While cleaning up a laptop I used to edit all my photos, I dropped my folder of all my photos into the trash and selected empty out of habit. The folder was so big it warned me it would be permanently deleted, and out of ignorance, I selected okay.

Buh bye 3 years of photos, including all the ones I took while in the military.

I still ache from that moment.

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It wasn’t solely me but we had been looking at some rules in our old production firewall and needed to clean up a few of the old ones. There were 2 or 3 of us logged in at the same time and someone hit the delete ‘all’ button, instead of just deleting the single rule. Thankfully I did have a backup but still had to quickly re-create a couple of objects that had been deleted at the same time.

The logs failed to clear up which mis-click caused the issue however we had determined that we should never have more than 1 person modifying rules at the same time going forward. It was pretty scary for a while when things stopped working before we noticed that the rules were all gone!

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So you guys were treating the firewall rules like a Google doc that you could all edit at once? That does sound like a recipe for disaster!

Hopefully this guy had good backups: