What would you do if you weren't in IT?

Construction work? Astronaut? What were your other career choices that you didn’t end up pursuing?

I wanted to be a teacher. Soon enough I will be retired.

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You gonna take up that second career after retiring? Or just chill out and take care of your caveman?

I think I’d either go full-time Army while I’m still young enough to do so or get into contract work overseas and/or weapons training. Oddly enough, I’ve considered CM’ing as well.

For now, I’m very content and happy with IT though. I have no plans to jump ship.

If I wasn’t in IT I might be able to sleep better, who knows.

For a job, I was interested in teaching before. I taught a college course after I graduated and liked the experience, I would do it again if I could.

I enjoy teaching too. I get to do a decent amount of it as a community manager. That’s one thing I like about my current career - I get to be a jack of all trades!

I would teach ACIM full time and rebuild vintage automobiles