What was your first computer?

Mine was a Commodore 64 that I got when I was 10. Taught myself to program Basic on it and of course played lots of games. What was your first computer?

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Oh man… my first was a 286 with some DOS menu system on autorun, way back when. I remember hacking the extended memory settings in the config.sys files and such in order to get Duke Nukem to run right, and knowing enough of the adult answers to get into the unlocked mode of Leisure Suit Larry, since my parents watched so many reruns and such with me. Broke it enough times that I ended up learning how to fix it from my dad’s friend that set it up for us, and just kept going from there.


gateway desktop with aol and netscape

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My first computer was an intel 133 with a turbo button for extra power. The first computer I saw as a kid was my dads girlfriends. The guy who set it up said this thing has 30mbs of hard drive space. He also said thats all you’ll ever need.

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Oh boy. My uncle game me a custom-built 386 rig that dual-booted into DOS and Windows 3.1. It had a CD caddy (basically a floppy disk you put your CD in) and I got a ton of games with it.

It had a Turbo button on the front, and as my uncle told me: “Don’t forget when you’re playing Doom to turn on that Turbo button so you can get some bi***in speed!” My mom was not pleased.

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I don’t recall the specific model, but I remember loading math games from floppy drives and needing to spend 20 minutes getting it started. Then my parents loaned it to a family member and he broke it and never replaced it.

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Mine was an Amiga 500. It looked exactly like the picture on Wikipedia for that model. This is the game I played on it more than any other.

This is the game I played on my first computer. It’s on steam now.

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We were broke growing up so we didn’t get our first family computer until I was in middle school. It was some extremely overpriced Gateway from Best Buy. I downloaded so many mp3’s from Limeware and Kazaa on that bad boy. I remember buying a used graphics card at a garage sale for like 10 bucks and putting it in thinking suddenly I was going to be blown away by the visuals… almost nothing changed.

Oh, and it had Windows ME :stuck_out_tongue:


The ironic thing about the Turbo button is that it was to slow down the computer when the game used the chip for timing and made it too fast:

Interestingly enough, the C64 had different CPU speeds based on the PAL vs NTSC video standards, since each of those had a different screen refresh rate:


Did anybody have one of those computers that had the monitor built into the keyboard or whatever?

Never seen one in person. Sounds awful.

I’ve seen an old word processor that was just a keyboard and a tiny screen so that you could see what you were typing, but I don’t remember any old computers that had a similar setup.

In 1983 I traded my motorcycle for a TI-994A which connected to a B&W TV and had a cassette tape recorder for storage. I had a few cartridge games and learned a little about BASIC.

The Radio Shack TRS-80 was an all in one unit.

Commodore also had a portable unit:

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Oh right, I forgot about the Commodore “luggable”

wow … back to memories … first started on PMD-85 and also learned BASIC, latter on Atari and Sharp computers …

I stil lhave the PMD-85 plus the tape unit which has been used for backup and load software :slight_smile:

I had to look that one up! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PMD_85

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Yes, it has been made in former Czechoslovakia during the communism age and it supposed to be answer to the West world computers :slight_smile:

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I only have the specs…

AMD K7 Slot
Abit mobo
40GB Quantum 5400RPM HDD
3DFX Voodoo card (model i don’t know)

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